The project aims to strengthen protection, monitoring and prevention mechanisms as well as combat hate crimes and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and violence against LGBTI+ people, by expanding the knowledge and enhancing the skills of public servants to better understand the needs of LGBTI+ people and respond to cases of violence and discrimination against them, as well as by developing a network of stakeholders and interested parties which will serve as a safety net for LGBTI+.

FAROS aims at:

Improving knowledge

among public servants on LGBTI+ issues and on how to assist LGBTI+ individuals.

Strengthening cooperation and understanding

between LGBTI+ organisations and non-LGBTI+ organisations, public institutions and stakeholders to jointly respond to intolerance, violence, discrimination and racism.

Enhancing the capacities
of public servants

in identifying and supporting LGBTI+ people who have experienced hate crimes, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination and violence.

Enhancing public awareness

on stereotypes and negative narratives against LGBTI+ people.

How will FAROS succeed?

By identifying the gaps

between norms and reality through focus groups and an online survey, addressing public servants and LGBTI+ people.

By developing a guide

for public servants.

By organizing training seminars

for public servants in Athens, at the reception sites of Aegean islands and Evros.

By developing an
e-networking platform

which will serve as a safety net for LGBTI+ as well as a monitoring and protection mechanism.